Founded In New York City On December 12th 1981

EXPLORATORY? EXPERIMENTAL? (or just plain noise?)

Since forming in 1981 The Brain People have expanded on their combined roots which lay in Punk and Hardcore, Acid Rock, Latin, Dance, Jewish Folk and Funk to include Psychedelic, Electronic, Multi-Ethnic, Modern, Free Form Jazz, Acoustic Ballads, Dance and Lounge.

The Brain People are a band that works with extremes. An Anarchistic approach to creating music has always been the hallmark of the band. From the earliest years when the band used a combination of electric and electro-acoustic instruments to the later use of electronics of dance music, The Brain People always intend to disrupt, amuse and give a little personal twist to music.

Today, The Brain People work in tandem with random music generators and other machinery to induce other levels of sonic outburst. Leaving even more aspects of sound up to chance, the band usually ends up with several hours worth of material that is then scanned through and pieced together to form cohesive music. This man machine interface seems to be an almost nihilistic reaction to other people's tendency to lean on machines to make better or more polished music. Punk isn't a uniform for The Brain People, it's a reactive process to their surroundings.



The Brain People Seem To Have Always Been:

Rev. Tommy DOG, Master Of The Free Bass-A-Saurus. Other duties include: Guitar, Theremin, Waterphone ,Synthesizer, Keyboards, Chapman Stick, Phone Taps, Electronics, traditional musical instruments, Vocals, Samplers, Weird Acoustic Instruments, Hidden Tape Recorders, toys, Production and Nagging.

Leon Mushroom Guitar, Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet and Moog Synthesizer. He also plays what he refers to as an "Air Guitar", a gift from fellow Brain Person, Col. Plague Monkey.

Col. Plague Monkey Drums, Percussion, Special Hairy Percussion, Screaming, Billyclub Drums, Electrified drums, Modified Cymbals, Organ, Toy Ray Guns, Arp Synthesizer, Video Devices, Robot Dog, Drum Machines, Electronic Devices and Assorted Acts Of Chaos, Violence and Strangeness.



Exhumed From The Brain People Archives

"Sounds like these boys have real problems" -Rock critic of notable worth.

"The drunk guy with the big eyes makes me nervous" -Woman at industry function.



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