Before co-founding The Brain People Leon Mushroom and Tommy DOG were in a band called The Wankers. This bands only real contribution was vandalism, no one admits to whether or not a recorded document exists of this band but Leon has often spoke of his almost complete lack of memories relating to this group.

Leon Mushroom has the most musical training of the three members of the band, sadly the majority of this knowledge is left in the theoretical. He did however have many practical years of guitar playing which he has now tossed into the toilet by switching to saxophone. Leon's other duty in the group is as a lead vocalist, though he only sings a small percentage of material on each project.

Since 1986 Leon has called the bay area his home. He has studied physics, political science and entomology and has held gainful employment as a carpenter (at one point owning his own shop). Currently he works for a biotech company. His hobbies include collecting and modifying vehicles.


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